Getting your skin Summer Ready

Summer must have Skincare products

The importance of transitioning Winter Into Spring & Summer Skincare!

Established in 2016, Álainn Beauty Rooms, Maynooth, quickly brought Image Skincare to the salon. We knew the brand would work really well with our clients.  With Spring starting & Summer just around the corner, we wanted to give some tips and advice on how seasons can impact your skin and what you can do to best to avoid any skin problems!. Stick to these little tips and you ‘ll have younger looking, fresher skin in no time!

Did you know your skin type can change?!

We are all born with DNA that is responsible for what kind of “skin type” we end up with in life. While the most common skin types are Normal, oily, dry or combination, some people notice that their skin type changes as the seasons do. Don’t be alarmed, this is totally normal and just means you may need to adjust your skin care routine to suit your skin type. For example, your skin in the winter months will most likely be dry, dehydrated and therefore slightly dull, most of us would up our game with drinking more water and changing or introducing a product that will give us that insist hydrated feeling to our skin, we use Face masks more to help with dull, tired looking skin. Lots of common factors cause this change, constant heating in homes & cars, cold frosty weather etc.

In Summer our as temperatures raise, we feel our skin change to slightly more oily or more congested, we are thirsty more in the warm weather, so we drink more water and our skin is more hydrated. we are out more so our skin can become sun damaged or sensitive to environmental factors, so we want to use more or higher SPF, lighter Serums and Moisturisers and nothing too heavy on our skin.

A little change of one or two products in these months or getting in touch with us for advice or help with changing your routine slightly can make a massive difference to your skin and remember prevention is better than cure!

Here is some quick tips on how to tweak or change your routine in Spring & Summer…….

1. Slough off your winter skin: Make sure to exfoliate your skin at least twice a week to remove dead skin cells and brighten up dull tired looking skin! Image Ageless Total Resurfacing Masque is a mix of Glycolic and Salicylic acid Ideal for resurfacing the skin. It will gently rid the skin of dead skin cells hence diminishing brown spots for brighter, clearer looking skin. Perfect for the summer months!

2. Switch up your daily moisturiser: Winter always calls for a slightly more hydrating moisturiser to coat and infuse the skin with hydration. But the heat & humidity that Spring and Summer bring call for a lighter formulation. This applies to your daily Serum as well, a lot of people like to change their serum coming into the summer months. Image Vital C water burst is a great day & night cream alternative for anyone that still wants hydration but wants the feel of a lightweight moisturiser. It’s gel-like formula releases a flood of antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, Vitamins and anti-aging peptides to provide youthful, brighter and a healthier looking skin complexion.

3. SPF!!, We can’t say it enough SPF, SPF, SPF!!: We all should be wearing SPF every day whether it’s lashing rain or snowing or sunny, we should be wearing sun factor daily! Make sure to check your Spf product for its expiration date coming into the summer month’s as a lot of us forget to check this and its very important to be protected from the UV Rays. Image Prevention Spf is a daily moisturiser with Spf in it with protection form UVA & UVB. These daily moisturisers will treat your skin concerns and also give your skin the protection you need from the sun. They are also a great makeup primer and paraben free!

4. Introduce A Skin Supplement to your daily routine! A lot of us have everything we could possibly need with our skincare routine, we are getting all the best and most wanted ingredients from our Image Skincare. Glycolic acid, Retinol, Hyaluronic acid , Vitamin C and the rest! So we are treating our skin topically but what if we could also treat our skin internally?! Now you can! Image skincare have created a brand of daily Supplements and Skin Capsules to treat your skin from the inside out and there is something for everyone. Check out or online shop for all of our Hush & Hush skin supplements and info!

5. Plan Ahead: Are you coming to the end of one of your products? Get in touch with us, we are happy to help and advise on any product you would want to consider updating for your skin needs. Do you want to up your skincare routine? Do you want to introduce some Retinol into your skincare but don’t know what to buy or what is the best product for you? We are here to help with over the phone and in salon consultations available .Do you have lots of products at home but want to change your routine up or need a daily routine done for you, we can prescribe this for you with the products you already have sitting in your drawer! Start thinking about changing or introducing something different to your new Summer Routine! Email us to book free Consultation.

All of the products mentioned above and for all your product purchases you can get these on our online store with delivery to your door or available for in Salon to purchase. Hope you enjoyed these little tips!

Team Álainn xxx