Treatment List

Shellac/Gelish/BIAB Polish

Shellac/Gelish Manicure colour or french                             €30

Shellac Manicure colour including removal                         €32

Shellac Manicure Ombre                                                     €32

Shellac Manicure Ombre including removal                        €35

Shellac + Gelish Structure base                                           €35

Shellac + Gelish Structure base with removal                     €37

BIAB Structure Base + Shellac Polish                                  €40

BIAB Structure Base + Shellac Polish with removal             €45

Shellac manicure with hydrated heated skin treatment      €40

CND Shellac removal on hands                                          €10

Shellac removal & file & polish on hands or toes               €25

Shellac/Gelish Pedicure colour or french                            €30

Shellac Pedicure including removal                                   €35

Shellac Pedicure with foot Soak & scrub                           €45

Shellac Pedicure with removal & foot soak & scrub          €50

Shellac removal on toes                                                    €10

Shellac/Gelish Nail Fix under 10 days                                €0

Shellac/Gelish Nail Fix over 10 days                                  €5

1-2 Gel nail tip needed                                                      €5

Nail art (2 or more nails)                                                 €10

Natural Care for Hands and Feet

Mini Manicure                                                                    €25

Álainn’s simple shape and polish with cuticle work followed by polish of choice.

Mini Mancure (no paint)                                                   €15

Mini Mani including Hand soak & Hand Cream            €30

Manicure                                                                            €40

Hydrating manicure for hands and nails. Hands are soaked, cuticles removed hand and nail mask applied for tired dull looking hands and nails (45 mins) 

Mini pedicure                                                                    €25

Álainn’s simple shape and polish with cuticle work followed by polish of choice (20 mins) 

Mini Pedi including foot soak & scrub                           €40

Feet are soaked and exfoliated with luxury scrub, cuticle work done, followed by paint.

Deluxe Pedicure                                                               €55

Álainn’s answer to tired and weary feet, feet soaked and exfoliated with cuticle work. Nails are filed and buffed to perfection with foot and leg massage, foot mask applied allowing to penetrate skin with heated boots finish off with polish of choice (60 mins) 

Deluxe Pedicure with Shellac polish                              €65

Deluxe Pedicure with Shellac including removal          €70

Callus Peel Hard skin removal                                       €20

Callus Peel (add on to any Pedicure)                            €15

Princess Polish                                                                €15

Nail Extensions

Acrylic nails (New set with tips or Refill)                                  €50 

Acrylic nails Ombre (New set with tips or Refill)                      €55

Acrylic Nail Removal                                                               €18

Gel Nails with Colour/French (New Set with tips)                   €50

Gel Nails Ombre (New set with tips or Refill)                          €50

Gel Overlay on natural nail (colour)                                       €45

Gel Overlays on Natural Nail (clear)                                      €35

Gel Refill 3 weeks on                                                              €45

Gel Refill 4 weeks on                                                              €50 

Nail art 2 nails                                                                        €5

Nail art 2 or more nails                                                         €10 

Gel/Acrylic nail fix (less than 2 weeks)                                    €0

Gel/Acrylic nail fix (over 2 weeks)                                           €5

Buff & Gloss                                                                          €15

Pro Press Soft Gel Extensions with Shellac (New Set)            €50

Pro Press Refills with BIAB                                                    €50

Pro Press Extension Removal                                                €20

Flawless Lashes

Occasional lashes(3-4 days lasting)                                  €25

Strip Lashes Application (You provide lashes)                   €5

Strip Lashes Application (Salon provides lashes)            €10

Mink Classic Lashes (Full Set)                                            €70

Mink Classic Lashes (Refills 3-4 weeks)                   From €45

Russian Volume Lashes                                                      €80

Russian Volume Lash refills 3-4 weeks                    From €55

Mink & Volume Lash removal                                           €25

LVL Lash Enhancement                                                      €50

By straightening your natural lashes at the root and then tinting them, the LVL Lash Lift gives you the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. No mascara. No messing. Simply perfect lashes from the moment you wake up.

LVL Lash enhancement including top-up lash tint         €60

This treatment includes a lash tint follow up treatment a few days(3-4 ) after LVL enhancement

Waxing Treatments, Specialized Waxing and Men's Grooming

Waxing Treatments:

Chin wax                                                      €10

Chin & Neck wax                                         €18

Lip wax                                                        €10

Lip & Chin wax                                            €20

Nasal Wax                                                   €10

Face wax (lip, chin, sides of face)                 €30

Bikini                                                           €20

1/2 leg wax                                                 €20

Upper leg wax                                             €20

Full leg                                                        €28

Full leg including bikini (sides only)            €38

Full leg including bikini (sides &top)           €40

Underarm                                                   €10

Forearm                                                      €15

Full arm                                                      €20

Specialized Waxing:

G-string (Thong wax, wider strip)               €35

Lycon Brazilian wax (mini strip)                 €40

Lycon Californian wax (extended bikini)    €25

Lycon Hollywood wax(bare)                      €45

Men’s Grooming:

Back wax                                                  €30

Chest wax                                                €30

Chest & back wax                                    €50

Back & shoulders wax                             €40

Eyebrow wax                                           €13

IMAGE Facial Treatments & Enzyme & Chemical Peels

Vitamin C Anti-Aging Facial (60 mins)                    €75

This comprehensive treatment combines stable Tri Vitamin C blend with correcting hydroxy acids, plant derived stem cell technology and deeply hydrating ingredients to treat redness, inflammation, dry/dehydrated and photo ageing skin.

Be Clear Purifying Facial (60 mins)                          €75

This purifying treatment combats all grades of acne combining powerful anti-bacterial peptides, and salicylic acid with soothing anti-inflammatory botanicals. Perfect for treating oily, acne and acne prone skin.

Illuminating Facial (60 mins)                                    €75

This luxurious treatment diminishes dark spots by utilizing the latest innovations in lightning and exfoliating technology. A new generation of natural botanicals, enzymes and anti-oxidants help skin reach a new level of radiance. Skin tone is immediately improved, providing a glowing, radiant complexion instantly. This facial is perfect for all skin types.

IMAGE Signature Facial (45 mins)                            €65

The facial that does it all, even the most experienced facial enthusiast will be impressed! A cleansing and invigorating, vitamin infused treatment that will deliver tightening, lightening, brightening & nourishing hydration to leave you feeling fully refreshed and renewed. What more could one ask for?

IMAGE Ormedic Peel (Enzyme Peel)                     €85

A blend of papaya, pineapple and mango, this non-chemical peel naturally rebalances, regenerates, and restores your skin using organic ingredients with medical effectiveness.

IMAGE Signature lift Peel (Enzyme Peel)                 €85

Our signature lift peel changes appearance of skin in just one treatment. Vitamin C, Alpha and beata hydroxy acid enzymes speed up cellular turnover which lightens, brightens all skin types including Rosacea and sensitive skins.

IMAGE Lightening lift Peel (Chemical Peel)            €85

Uneven complexions have met their match. This powerful AHA in an organic aloe vera gel base targets and corrects all forms of pigmentation to leave uneven skin tone illuminated.

IMAGE Wrinkle Lift Peel (Chemical Peel)               €85

This ultra-resurfacing blend of Glycolic acid combined with retinol visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines leaving skin firm and revitalised.

IMAGE Acne Lift Peel (Chemical Peel)                   €85

A potent blend of Alpha and beta hydroxy acids blended with lilac plant derived stem cells to reduce blemishes, redness and diminish post breakout dark spots. Ylang Ylang purify oily skin and treat and heal acne blemishes.

Advanced Skin Treatments

Genosys Micro-needling                                         €170

The micro-injuries you create stimulates the body’s natural wound healing processes, resulting in cell turnover and increased collagen and elastin production, therefore reversing as well as preventing signs of aging, Ideal for all skin types and treating large open pores, acne scars, pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles.                      

Genosys Meso-needling                                         €150

Meso Needling is an advanced Skin Needling Treatment used to stimulate fast collagen production and renewal – resulting in smoother and more youthful looking skin. Meso Needling is the perfect treatment for treating fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, skin texture and an overall rejuvenation of the skin.

Genosys Micro-needling consultation

Book your consultation with one of our experienced therapists to see if Micro-needling is a treatment for you. 

All treatment information given with pre & post advice.

Pay €50 deposit at consultation to secure your Micro-needling treatment booking which will be deducted from treatment price of €170


Micro-needling course of 3                                 €510

Micro-needling course of 5                                 €850

Meso-needling course of 3                                 €450

Meso-needling course of 5                                 €750

Semi-Permanent Brow Treatments

Powder Brow Consultation                           €0

This is your first step and most important towards perfect brows, includes patch test, measurements and all your questions answered .

Deposit of €100 is taken on consultation if happy to proceed with treatment and will be deducted from price of treatment.

Powder Brow Treatment                               €300 

A cosmetic semi permanent make up technique ,which allows for long lasting brow colouring . Mainly it is up to 2 years lasting time but it depends on many different factors such as skin type & lifestyle .

A semi permanent eyebrow treatment allows for newly created eyebrows to be the most natural looking eyebrows after the healing process. It is about enhancing natural beauty through emphasising the clients own natural shapes and lines .

Patch test and €100 deposit is taken on consultation which will be deduced from prices of treatment.

Powder Brow Touch up 5-7 weeks                €80

Powder Brow Touch up 3-6 months              €80

Powder Brow Touch up 6-12 months            €80

Powder Brow Touch up 12-24 months          €100

Brow Treatments, Eye Care & Threading Treatments

Álainn beauty specialised brows                              €28

Brows shaped professionally, tinted, waxed and threading to perfection.

Student eyebrow shape                                             €10

Eyebrow wax/Tweeze                                                €13

Eyebrow tint                                                              €10

Eye trio (lash & brow tint with brow shape)          €30

Eye trio (include threading)                                     €32

Eyelash tint                                                               €15

Eyebrow threading                                                   €13

Lip thread                                                                 €12

Chin thread                                                              €10

Face thread (cheek and neck only)                           €25

Sunless Tanning

He-Shi Flawless  Spray Tan                                               €30

Bellamianta Spray tan                                                      €30

Californian Spray Tan                                                       €25

1/2 Body Spray                                                                  €20

Top up tan (within 2 day period of first application)    €10


Massage Treatments

Full body Sweedish Massage (60mins)            €65

Neck, back & shoulder Massage (30mins)      €30

Make up

Make Up Application                                           €40 

Make Up Application including strip lashes      €45


Frequently asked questions by Clients in Álainn beauty rooms

You can call the Salon on 016286884 or can book online through our website or through our free Álainn Beauty Rooms App available for apple and android phones .

There is two options, you can call into the salon & one of our skin therapists would be happy to advise you or you can purchase online through our online store on this website.

You can book in with one of our IMAGE Skincare Specialists for a skin consultation, We will prepare a treatment plan to your needs & concerns & Prescribe you homecare to prep and change your skin for your big day! all you need to do is ask!

Yes we can, Álainn Beauty Rooms has a large nail area which can cater for semi-private groups bookings, bridal parties or even girlie get togethers. Please send us a email or ring the salon for further detail’s!

Princess Polish


Princess Polish – Hands & Toes


Wedding Packages

Packages are available for all your bridal party needs ask for details on pricing and packages available. Prosecco & nibbles supplies free of charge.


Girlie Catch-up

Book you & your family or friends for a pampering session. Group packages available on request.