IMAGE – Max Contour Creme 50ml

IMAGE - Max Contour Creme 50ml

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With its blend of yogurt-based probiotics and nourishing super fruits, this fortifying mask balances the skin’s natural flora and helps it resist dehydration and imbalance.

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This technically advanced gel-crème defies the visible effects of gravity, restoring the look of firmness and volume to the face. The performance-driven formula contains our newest anti-gravity peptide and lipo-filler to help counteract the appearance of sagging skin. Microburst technology creates an instant moisture-melting effect, with nourishing oil microdroplets that plump up the appearance of lax skin. Nutrient-dense plant stem cells derived from iris and orchid flowers help to restore facial firmness.
How to use :
Apply to cleansed skin in the morning and evening. Massage into the cheeks and jawline using an upward motion. THE IMAGE WAY Defy the appearance of sinking and sagging on the lower part of your face. Apply to cleansed skin or after serum of choice in the morning and evening. Do not forget PREVENTION+® SPF moisturizer during the day. PRO TIP. Layer on top of the MAX stem cell serum for added peptide power. Apply underneath the MAX stem cell crème for increased firming benefits.
Why it works:
Lifts and firms the skin’s appearance Visibly plumps and restores the look of youthful volume. Helps to counteract the appearance of sagging and redefine the appearance of facial contours. Instantly refreshes the skin with a surge of moisture.